Tips For Your Acid Reflux Recipes


Acid reflux or heartburn is a common ailment, and many people discover that an attack can be triggered by certain ingredients. Cooking in a home where someone has acid reflux can therefore be tricky, especially if the person is sensitive to common ingredients. Finding easy recipes for acid reflux is important if you want to avoid suffering from heartburn on a regular basis.

The first thing you need to do when cooking for acid reflux is to know which triggers to avoid. This can take some trial and error, of course, since there is no way to know whether a particular ingredient will cause problems until you eat it. However, certain foods are more likely to cause problems. These include tomatoes, citrus fruit, mint, and chocolate.

At breakfast, try serving something other than orange juice. Pineapple, apple, and grape juice are much less likely to cause an attack of heartburn. If you need a shot of caffeine to start your day, try having a cup or two of black tea instead of coffee. The high acidity of coffee can make acid reflux more likely.

If you love pasta, the tomato sauces that are commonly used in these dishes can be tough to handle when you have acid reflux. Fortunately, there are some delicious pasta recipes that will help acid reflux sufferers. Instead of always opening a jar of tomato sauce, put basil pesto on your pasta instead. A simple topping of olive oil and Parmesan cheese can be enough to make your pasta taste great.

High-fat dishes can often make acid reflux worse because they take a lot longer to digest. Since they sit in the stomach for a while, this can increase the pressure on the valve leading to the esophagus. Try to cut back on the fat when you are cooking for someone who suffers from acid reflux.
For example, instead of frying foods, you can bake them or broil them. Substitute low-fat yogurt for cream in a recipe, or reduce the meat and replace it with vegetables in a dish. Use olive oil or vegetable oil in place of butter when you are cooking or baking. Applesauce can be used as a substitute for fat in many desserts.

Use whole grains instead of more refined grains when you are cooking or baking. For example, use whole-wheat flour instead of white flour, and choose brown rice instead of white rice. These whole grains are higher in fiber and are easier to digest.

One of the best ways to avoid heartburn is simply to eat less. By limiting the size of the portions that you serve, you can minimize the chance of an attack of acid reflux. Serve meals on smaller plates so that you still feel as if you are eating as much as you want.

Finding great recipes for acid reflux is important if you want to enjoy your meals without discomfort. Keep these tips in mind when you are preparing meals for someone who has a problem with heartburn.